minqyv said:
(⁎⁍̴̛͂▿⁍̴̛͂⁎)*✲゚*。⋆♡ /throws you my love/ a daily reminder that i love you and i hope you're having a good day you wonderful human being! *whispers* how are you? ^^ *whispers*

Thanks jai!!! I love you too ;3333; i’m good just stressed about college :c hbu?? ^^

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[140719] Seventeen’s Twitter Update 

[Trans] [17’s Seungcheol] Arrived at the Han river for a 2 person date with Hansol!!!!

trans cr: seventeensg

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"Ah, that’s right. It’s not the Junghan we know~"

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please stop being perfect.

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